diumenge, 29 de novembre de 2009


Nacionalitat: Anglaterra.
Web oficial: http://www.theprodigy.com/
Webs d'interes: http://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Prodigy

ANY: 2009
Àlbum: Invaders must die

01 - Invaders Must Die (4:55) (Liam Howlett/Nick Halkes)
02 - Omen (3:36) (Liam Howlett/Maxim Reality/Tim Hutton)
03 - Thunder (4:08) (Recreated elements from 'Ethiopian Peace Song' aka 'Rasta Peace Song' by Trevor Joe) (Liam Howlett/Tim Hutton/Trevor Joe)
04 – Colours (3:27) (Liam Howlett/Keith Flint/John Fortis)
05 - Take me to the hospital (3:39) (Samples 'Salami Fever' by Pepe Deluxé and 'Ragamuffin Duo Take Charge' by Asher D & Daddy Freddy) (Liam Howlett/Keith Flint/Paul Malmström/Jari Salo)
06 - Warrior's Dance (5:12) (Samples 'Take Me Away' by True Faith which was then sampled and edited by Major Players in 'Come With Me' which is where the vocals for this track come from. Samples 'Final Cut' featuring Bridgette Grace) (Liam Howlett/Bridget Grace/Jeff Mills/Anthony Srock)
07 - Run With The Wolves (4:24) (Sample 'So Refined' By Senser) (Liam Howlett/Keith Flint)
08 - Omen Reprise (2:14) (Liam Howlett/Maxim Reality/Tim Hutton)
09 - World's On Fire (4:50) (Samples 'I Just Wanna Get Along' by The Breeders and 'Vamp' by Outlander)(Liam Howlett/Maxim Reality/Kim Deal/Marcos Vicente Salon)
10 – Piranha (4:05) (Samples 'Troubled Mind' by The Buff Medways and 'Sara Zamana' by Kishore Kumar and Chorus) (Liam Howlett/Maxim Reality/Sameer Anjaan/Billy Childish/Rajesh Roshan)
11 - Stand Up (5:30) (Samples 'One Way Glass' by Manfred Mann's Chapter 3) (Liam Howlett/Manfred Mann/Peter Thomas)

Senzill: Take me to the hospital (Vídeo clip oficial)

01 - Take me to the hospital
02 - Take Me To The Hospital (Sub Focus Remix)

Maxi: Take me to the hospital

01 - Take Me To The Hospital (Sub Focus Remix)
02 - Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)